About Sophie

Sophie worked in financial recruitment for 15 years, with up to 55 hours per week spent sitting down at a desk.  As a result, Soph needed a way to wind down and after a while decided the gym may be a more appropriate alternative to the pub!  Much to her surprise, she discovered she loved it.  Building up slowly, through classes such as body pump and step, she then found ways to motivate herself at home and in the park, preferring the outdoors as a place to work out.  Circuits classes, outdoor fitness classes and a personal trainer helped her to learn a huge repertoire of exercises that were both enjoyable and effective, and more recently with the rise of HIIT, this has become her particular area of interest.

After Soph’s third baby, she decided that her passion for exercise, combined with the desire to spend more time trying to be a good mum, was the best reason to leave the office and retrain as a Personal Trainer.  Sophie completed both Level 2 Fitness Instructor (IQ2) & Level 3 Personal Training (IQ3) qualifications and is a member of REPS UK, the UK’s official Register of Exercise Professionals. She plans to complete the Pre & Post Natal Qualification in due course.